Junks for sale

Tannoy facility new HPD385 bass Paper Kit one Yes, complete kit with Dan wave stub voice coil, $25000 Yes, may be able to give better views.

Equipment time of East West, provides to the Web in need of friends.

TDA1540D: used ceramic version, NTD$1600/Yes, Studer A725/Revox B225 first choose

NE5534AFE: 庫 put new ceramic OP, S,NTD$400/Yes, Studer A725 balance on first class.

NE5532AFE: used ceramic version, S,NT$400/Yes, Studer A725 balance push on anform find class.

Audio Research before SP9 MKII class, functional, repairs can't change. NTD$30000

Ten tired years ago school when new United States remain posted, can't repair can't change, use less, read properly, NT$25000.

New Tannoy original facility diaphragm Kit, including Dan wave stub voice coil, prevent 塵 Gatlinburg, HPD385 proper use, I'm NTD$30000, to be able to give more views. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.