This I'm veneered stadium is a big tree in the eBay standard, originally I bought myself, big trees I Tannoy and Yang, let give him quite Club Med. Club Med look this Yes veneered stadium is for because it is 後 period bubble cotton bian of (a said oak adhesive plaster bian, right international Shang see up future and touch up future are like I of HPD385 bubble cotton bian), root high speed circuit switched data I measured over all Tannoy series, bubble cotton bian of low frequency usually sank Shang a big cut, this in 12 inches of veneered Stadium Shang especially important, and gold of treble Hao tube do of than HPD series of conditions Landis many, although so has a said bubble cotton bian bass fertilizer, than hard bian, not over hard bian and bubble cotton bian of low frequency frequency rate 響 Ying completely varies model courses, Do not know what this model courses comparison can correspond? Can only say vegetables raphanus sativas l, different strokes for different folks.

This times ITU-T SG15 Question 4 Club Med Council is in method China TV letter Paris Research Center ju line, just station long in out release Qian see a Yes not containing points sound device of Tannoy Monitor Gold LSU/HF/15/8, is custom airport of gold head, Mai home in Paris, results standard when between station long just in fly airport Shang, so 丟 has a real station long of bottom line, on Shang fly airport has, unexpected to has Paris playing open TV ever a see, was station long is only of Xia standard who, 順 Lee have standard.

Altec Biflex series Horn has been is I is has tech interest research of Horn one of, he of principle on like its beauty China 專 Lee No. 2834424 said, is by two real Paper basin team collection, this two real Paper basin in the between by with high viscous damping real phase, in low frequency when two real earthquake film with earthquake begins to, high frequency when entering into 較 small of earthquake film Club Med ex-Zaventem big earthquake film alone State chasing after begins to, airport armed points frequency little design set in 1kHz. Due to the high frequency time only small diaphragm on the right international Chandler motion, thus extending its high-frequency characteristics of Club Med is much better.

419-8B.420A.170 Altec 420A Advertising

HD-1001W Ribbon tweeter kits, Web road map

By accidentally bought progress Yes Altec 420B (transaction failure, has returned to the Mai, property see above:, want 幫 its high frequency 12kHz BU 顆 treble, are Perl-XForms in the net the way standard, Cannot Italy in diyAudio see has a series discuss theory, has a real players himself home here DIY aluminum brought treble, this bit dude of DIY spirit is too Jin burst has, promote aluminum foil pressure manufacture to framework manufacture for hand package Office, magnetic iron is with modern is of rubidium iron shed, by in with of is aluminum foil vibration film, he still himself 繞 has match change pressure device, most 後 volume measured of results fruit not theory is frequency rate 響 Ying or efficiency are is 驚 people, finished can't help but has kind of has because who also if of rushing begins to. This series of articles can be seen in the following link used to:

Refer to sell outside China NET discuss theories, decided sound facility-HPD385 Capacitance plastic Capacitance views fully furnished apartments. Original sound is produced by ITT's plastic Capacitance, in addition to welding wide outside, Tannoy facility still uses a variety of hot-melt adhesive plaster-like East West on the circuit board fixed Capacitance, had to work for free to be removed one by one.

HPD385 play for six months, yes his voice of mist mist begins 終 don't likes. Views one by one stub encyclopedia material head, linking 塵-proof after the cover is removed, fact which bian surprisingly still can lay their hands on, had to see if audio improve location. NET 評 theory on the road, says Monitor series is the older, the better, although fortunately, where he says 紛 紜, used to study HPD385 bass fat slowly, both sound quality are very different, Ying're part believable. But I have a little doubt, difficult road just because bass Paper change, let HPD385 sharpness far input both before his generation? Spent has both late research has original facility points sound device, 驚 訝 of release now it of design total phase when complexity 雜, directly analysis has little trapped difficult, with standard standard of II 階 points sound device than up future, some maybe poor replacement, again than 較 has Qian both generation of points sound device, only release now which original future has 脈 Luo can through, following on future see Seattle said story's:

Altec 755 series voice has always been standing long love, due to moving house edge, Zhan Zhang Yes 755A lose 蹤 nearly a year, life and death unknown. Hand there are two I'm 755C, I'm in San Francisco home to Dad, Ting song, another Yes in the dust on the shelves, don't know what time is quite Club Med open sheng. Took the Praxis measured completely T/S the parameter number, for future reference: