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In the previous article we went through the history of the famous JBL 431x series monitor speakers. This series of speakers share a lot of debates over the years. The supporters think they are a precise sounding piece of equipment while the objectors think they are noisy and harsh sounding. In this article I tried to use a modern speaker design point of view to investigate the pros and cons of the design of the 431x series. When these monitors speakers were first introduced in the 60s they are considered the state-of-art. There is a reason that these speakers stayed in many recording studios for so many years. But are they still capable of delivering the elements required for a recording studio 50 years? I don't have an answer for it.


JBL 4312e, source: The Internet

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Despite many people don't like the sound of the JBL431x speakers (too rough, too harsh, doesn't sound like other larger JBL monitors.), the achievement of this series of speakers and it's sibling L100 is unquestionable. This series of speakers are being sold for more than 50 years and even today you can still find them in service in a recording studio. It's hard to find a second speaker model that shares this kind of success.

Left to right: 4311, L100A, L100, 4310. Source: the Internet

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