room acoustics

I of reviews Ting room into two cut, Qian half is put Horn stub sound 響 equipment, 後 half entering into is work 檯 stub TV ever table, although so is long square, not over has a long bian in approximately 3/2 finish was pipeline between occupies to has a small 塊, whole real room between change have has maybe more walls angle, so Club Med has many of low frequency 駐 wave frequency rate, Horn release Sheng area most are is cement walls, high frequency 殘 響 also Po because yan heavy, no finish acting when in Horn near said said can clear of Ting to back sheng. In 嘗 General 擺 put HPD385 of over drive in the, I release now HPD385 completely cannot has a little toe-in, or Sheng sound Club Med very rushing, and people Sheng positioning 飄 suddenly indefinite, Giuliano of in Qian, suddenly yan in 後, seems o 飄, Ting long has ever God Bible weak, was 懷 read Taiwan 灣 sound 響 odd miracle, not heel ever God Bible of Joly Horn.

This is 2010 in San Francisco, originally release Mobile01

Promote decided after bought the House, start 尋 覓 Designer, don't know if it's character is 輕, just the discourse was too eccentric, have encountered no Wind the likes of some Hao airport Designer worth 貼 money brother I don't. ^ "Finally decide their own future, go online, to study it, choose liquid most often recommend Google Sketchup, plus both the equipment Huang book, hard two months, general rules drawn up, lpaste please everybody in the future to the point of annihilation.

Sound 響 room 駐 wave yan heavy, with Praxis measured volume empty between frequency rate 響 ying, in 60Hz near has a real drum package, with waveform production health device Sao description frequency rate, open to 60Hz around when, can is clear to Ting to room between maybe more items with earthquake begins to of Sheng sound, see up future is empty between 駐 wave of question problem, will must wants to Office method solutions duel. Please teach Mr Zhang 俠, he informed the speaker back walls of two lateral Sheng arc is very important, be sure to do, thinking about install Huang when he had money, was about whether or not to do Sheng arc between Judaism and Henan for a long time, finally decided to save money it's blunder. Up to now only two terms road, is a DIY, first posted by bought finished Sheng arc.

Finish after the cut soucd card room after the Standing wave, take on the lessons of the problem in the future is sound-absorbing, my soucd card room is basically divided into two section, 擺 ago Horn stub sand release, entering into work after Kong Jian, plus many book racks, record labels stub 櫥 櫃. Than paragraph after Kong Jian, earlier stub Horn of Kong Jian 擺 playback 響 equipment entering into Almost no why East West 幫 busy absorbing, surrounded by Brick walls or concrete walls, 殘 響 yan. Please teach some 輩 before meeting, and all Council 盡 use natural sound-absorbing material to avoid wooden or poly Dragon class 擴 version, because much of this material brought Club Med has its own voice, this is the natural 謂 ㄟ is OK.