Digital audio source and Digital Signal Processing

I bought this TEAC VRDS 25 CD player at ebay about 15 years ago when I did my graduate study at University of Pennsylvania in US. I listed this CD players on the internet for sale a couple times with not so positive experiences. Since I don't need money that bad so I just keep it on the shelf. I rarely turn it on after I start messing around with my Studer A725 CD players.One day my friend Xiang visited me and we tried to compare many CD players. In the end we decided to give the VRDS 25 a try but the CD tray didn't open when plugged in. When the open button was pressed nothing happened except a motor noise. Looks like spending some money is inevitable.

As usual, I started by searching the web for discussions and service manuals. From the discussions I learned that it's most likely the belts. Then I started searching replacement belts and after 3 weeks I received a bag as pictured. I was almost saying the F word when I got this bag. The belt can be easily found at a local electronics store at around USD$1 and I paid EUR$10 for these. Let's just hope these imported belts last longer.

Germany sent skin brought in the future, but unfortunately does not mean Germany manufacture


Recent release: temporary staffing ・ now way more articles those articles discuss theory Revox B225 燈 bubble, fire, ephedra distachya l Po 濃, The Spectator as I see image: sweaty (Google about 鍵 words: Revox B225 燈 bubble), although there's more truth bian ming, not over seems to be this direct Qi and is. Since long I have other effects effect beguiles with having Jack niah views LED 燈 foam A725 (tho I want 燈 bubble of views does not light), 貼 gold Face is caused by this handy little 導 fire Debate online, view my future, please feel free:

Public known the A725 stub B225 differences, mainly in 塊 balance on circuit board. Both ten years future this 塊 Board has been brought with a kind of God secret of color, 傳 said is for because this 塊 balance die team let A725 of Sheng sound than up B225 high Shang ten both coating/f, most non-balance type of players also are choose liquid put A725 of balance input out threes, into veneered end input out, and deny 棄 A725 itself of veneered end input out, this 塊 balance board what has what so secret? It was curious.

Hand Shang of four Taiwan A725, although so each Taiwan are can read take most CD, but Director is has both tablets CD when good when Huai, normal when not to 兩miao on open began play, not high tech when have progress out pumping 屜 times, or pulled TV heavy future, has both Taiwan in play when Club Med release out not small noise, originally to because is future since Macedonia Prada, Tsai conditions research but release now is future since in Yes Coke Department system, in TV Department finishing have almost 後, this is when waiting Zambia whole CDM1 has. Read Ying for CMC and adjust nut stub view all based CDM1 CD Sung pan.

San Hao airport was three up here Machine arabesquitic have encountered problems. TV didn't take properly on ACEs up, press the load switch by time Motor noise sends 極, finally stop comes after 屜 launch but, Lady take the Lady take the noise enough to let one Xia out heart disease.


This is sequencing one of Hao's San Francisco and 慮 catch me posted by bought hours exam for the longest time because less outside view on the left and right side plate, there is also a small LCD Panel 塊 損 Hui, surprisingly but is the easiest one to finish.

Friends see I play A725, also heart Yang wants to make a Department, in is I on again in MyAv Shang levy seeking, this times can 厲 victims has, has one Lee Mr said hand Shang has three Department, has Bible good both years no Shang TV has, question I to don't with received, open of price money 蠻 was heart begins to of, rushing begins to of I slightly test 慮 on answer ying has, heart of Ruyi is Pan is if three Department can 湊 into one even small 賠, 湊 into two Department small Zhuan, if three Department are Club Med begins to when so on more praised has, even is front both kind of symptoms overview not Club Med begins to of airport device also can 殺 meat split parts. TV said this here Mr LEE currently using RCA LC-1 speakers match back download Hao angle, based on the curious I told hope that can be measured and have empathy for speaker frequency 響, he's also Ying.

Today the stock market 賠 in a huge, nutrited one day, select Clock odiofan Suite install Studer tonight A725.

TCXO A725 碼 on kits include circuit board model courses

Promote 15 years ago, when Wong Chi Ting over an AR 鈺 teacher that's popular CD player plus installation of LC Audio time 脈 modified after installation kit, left a deep impression. Clock Kit is not only a theory is true on this thing, right international Ting up is bad don't much, after all the digital base 礎 訊 source is time 脈, digital theory here, when 脈 雜 訊 Yes different Intel epic D/A the meat Xian not 盡 Nonlinear system characteristics of the same. Yes in 傳 system of R-2R multi-bit D/A, when 脈 雜 訊 more tired equivalent of in high frequency area, and Yes in Delta-Sigma of class of D/A, by in Bible over has noise-shapping, when 脈 雜 訊 in frequency rate domain Shang of distribution Club Med more complexity 雜, General are 認 because modified progress when 脈 pure vegetable NET degrees Yes in Delta-Sigma class type of D/A modified change range than 較 high, not over also not representative R/2R frame institution of D/A not proper with.