Telefunken EL-156 Single-ended amplifier


  1. This encyclopedia is're part design plan Kaidan stairs, partial part number value in the right international fast time may want to install more begins, please note: temporary staffing ・ friends.
  2. The airport due to Electric power design design special, choose liquid resistance of Electric power anform time study of the Ying 慮 pressure, the best in more than 5kV 較 because chemicals.
  3. Because true circuit begins normally, Ying inspection Test every three months to half a year of PIN1 stub Test PIN2 between Voltage, and adjust nut pressure because of the R9, R8 0.1V (100mA).
  4. R5 Ying choose liquid over 6W power of electric resistance, so as not to cause circuit failure.
  5. C5 stub C6 Qiao brought about positive Voltage of 170V, Ying fast Qiao to stub keep absolute edge so as not to cause dangerous short circuit.

Circuit features:

  1. Direct links, two class amplifier, circuit description lists, low frequency 響 Ying Jia.
  2. Improved Voltage for ying, Traditions Loftin from White connecting direct power transistor in the circuit cascade to Cathode for high power electric resistance, the progress of a lower tone dye, and reduction of electric power consumption.