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  2. T1 stub T4 Council use Sowter 3575 or similar input specification anform, 訊 on end of DC bias current Ying hao source control in 0.1mA, so that anform and 飽.
  3. Two WE417A Voltage amplifier tube Ying Zi conditions match Yes, no entering into'll result in increased distortion, flowinfluence Sheng tone quality quality.
  4. V3 using EZ80 heat rectifier tube, this variety of diode Cathode stub 燈 hex location high pressure 極, it can share 燈 hex Electric power for stub WE417A ying, why coordination now part of views if the rectifier-Hao, Ying took note of views of diode Cathode resistance to pressure is sufficient enough (more than 300V).
  5. R11 stub R12,R13 stub R14 because volume controller, Zambia whole when R11 stub R12 resistance Ying with when change begins to (R13 stub R14 also with), Ying adoption with high quality Tri-links type VR, or with more paragraph class progress type TV resistance Web road open about, this two Yes TV resistance of resistance Ying precision distribution Yes, 誤 poor best in 1% following, to true insurance TV road work in best symptoms Phase.

Circuit features:

  1. Falls under the balance/veneered side input, using high quality input anform can provide balanced high CMRR 優 傳 input bit.
  2. Push-pull circuit, able to reduce distortion, on end use on anform, provide the complete balance-in,balance-out function.
  3. Circuit description list, distortion 極 low frequency 寬 good (predict total 5Hz~100kHz/0.5dB), fully meet class amplifier of Ying equipment characteristics.

PS ... If you'll input terminal units Terminal input when, entering into CMRR'll want evil.