Since moved to promote bamboo, the original location stub Altec speaker system in the future, my dad took over, not over bid to Ma fan, afraid of Dad I 幫 he bought AMC 306d Zong-large livly airport, this I'm 50 veneered side large livly were stacked in a corner of the San Francisco Airport, threes, eyes over a seven-year ~ ~ ~

Put this Yes 擴 big airport moved to new home 後, roughly see has about, input out change pressure device iron heart appearance has little health 鏽, turned over future here surface with future grounding of pure vegetable silver tablets has half above change black has, Ying this is San Francisco home store of terms pieces poor, wetlands degrees too high caused of, Taiwan 灣 manufacture of 搖 head open about a pull on Huai has, and Japan manufacture of two real big open about and the de China Schuter of TV source open about are work normal, MIT still is input people a cut. In addition to switch by, two of the original future Mr Zhang 俠 贊 individual United States manufacturing ship-input select liquid switch by because the bit about relationship exposed unserviceable, think it's no-cut views 訊 source, skip over this one 訊 Hao choose liquid.

Spare parts part, except pure vegetable silver grounding tablets and some bare of silver online for because oxidation yan heavy release black yiwai, see up future are still 蠻 normal of, by in when early design total are has considerations empty download when TV capacity of security rules grid, so put gray 塵 wipe wipe dry net, on directly Shang TV, received Shang fake 負 download see input out are not normal. Shang TV 後 緩 緩 hot airport, first put 50 Zha class of 負 partial pressure Zambia to -80V around, stay hot degrees 穩 set 後 again put partial TV flow Zambia back 55ma, see up future all normal, two support 50 Bible over has both years of using characteristics also are no has recession too more, vacuum tube although is supplies, its right 損 consumption also not Club Med too yan heavy, put pipe fuck Huai Qian, probably has other parts first Huai.

Received Shang Tannoy HPD385 general Ting, a whole real sense begins to, not over hum Sheng big has little, this future design total of 50 燈 hex is with change pressure device in the pumping when for 陰 極 input out, when early has worship burgeoning 堅 new Wu Mr in the pumping 盡 volume standard, in San Francisco home match Altec 755c Department system, also maybe is Horn efficiency 較 low, or San Francisco home empty between than 較 big, hum Sheng can accept, in HPD385 Shang entering into has Prada 惱 people degree, Shang Web wants to find Allen-Bradley 100ohm carbon film can change TV resistance do hum Sheng balance Zambia whole , Know AB has stopped production, new find not to, San Francisco products 貴 makes, finally only promote beauty China get both 顆 NOS, price grid on don't mention has, when early Zhang paper 俠 Mr built Council Taiwan manufacture COSMOS on is easy has, real people ran briskly hair character, wants to said since is himself with, when so is no-compromise, life is can installation both Taiwan airport device? To poor voice really don't, and that is another real problem problem.

Said to hum Tonal language, if it is used in anform said, then decided to take standard true stub tube internal institution itself is balanced, if using change electric resistance, hum Tonal language to a minimum when entering into 殘 rest well Sheng institution decided by vacuum tubes. So if there is a net release fully furnished apartments of the same style/SKU no heat vacuum tube, some hum sheng of the facility compared, comparison is small, no nothing unexpected, after all a money 貨. If you really can't stand well sheng, only DC bit.

Zambia whole 擴 big airport when, still encountered a real interesting of question problem, is mystery model courses of 50 vacuum tube Zha class release put TV resistance, by in 1930 generation RCA hand brochure standard Ming release put TV resistance must to small in 10K, so Lake Shang 傳 statements if not compliance this taking, Club Med how how and so, this real 10K Ohms TV resistance, also into has audience more DIYer of pick war, most often see of solution, except class between change pressure device, is adoption with low inside resistance of push begins to tube. I looked it up a little bit, really in-depth discussion and discuss this individual 10K Ohms source who seems to be not how many, only those articles discuss theory only is the view that if it is greater than 10K, image: Zha flow leak problem problem. Statements about rivers and Lakes 傳 short what Club Med product can 50 jeon, circuit Club Med not 穩 etc, but didn't see Extensible Markup Language instance. My fast is used to 50 large livly push begins class stub amp star Tri-Electric power-DC-AC, 50 Cathode fuel ectonomc high to about 400V, 50 Zha flow out road 徑 Traditions circuit for a different model courses, spiritual sense from the J.C. Mr Morrison Sheng right in the United States for the release of a real circuit, when this early model courses design plan was not very sure of it, so only 嘗 to try, the passage this year both use proof 穩-is no problem problem. Received Shang oscilloscope when, release now a real strange of now as, clearly push begins to class no has input out, 50 of B+ also is flat 穩, how so always Club Med in 50 of Zha class Shang volume to 120Hz of 訊 Hao, although so range not is big, but by in when when is in Zambia whole hum sheng, so once 懷 suspected is TV source out has question problem. Comes only after know this stuff is Zha stream, 50 days in 負 partial pressure when still want some maybe Zha stream, so they need less than electric resistance 10K come out, the theory of the right is not a big deal, any 50k? Sure then, was released less than five times, and five times times more noise, Club Med not want 燒 tube? 慮 istm it seems to me is, I used to because of Laziness, although so do double sided Electric power switch by, still open with two individual switch by, causing push begins class heat up the top 50 finish in super class is partial pressure, this model courses held both the year 50 head still good things tend to things tend, 燒 tube? Difficult to ~~

This Department airport device currently of configuration is RCA 281 tomato type half wave rectifier tube two support 負 Ze for TV to RCA 250 Eggplant tube, RCA 281 tomato type full wave rectifier tube 負 Ze for TV to a support 5687 cascode, this future design total Shang is to with 71A push 50 of, not over hum Sheng right in too big, I and didn't want to modified into DC 燈 hex for TV, so 暫 when modified into 5687, although said is 暫 when of programme, also this model courses with has ten years, 5687 originally is only good tube, in Audio Note Peter Qvortrup release on Kit 揚 Everbright, this tube is a vacuum tube history when later of reciprocal product, originally is a design plan power dispatching ever used, Tunsol is my person comparison likes brands, likes 歐 Chau tube 7119 of this specification class Tri-three 極 tubes can choose liquid.

Now in market Shang WE original facility 300B Mai to days price, anti-views 50 its right does no has Zhang too more, right in is too value has, even not than timbre, 4.5Watt of input out also poor can't 300B how many, more what overview 50 balance permeability, than up 300B of fertilizer slow description straight is big contact au with small contact au of gap, unless can found 1940 era of 300B Shem TV lettering tube, and 300A old tube or WE 252a this support 300B series Eggplant tube King, this both support tube now in already is God class of price grid, Even got, except on small power sheng, sound than 50 also have their own input on win.