Recently wanted to start playing the LP Sung pan, you need head amplifier circuit, for easy to see, do not want to get too big, hand bian 剛 Audio Research SP9 MKII, data origin says've failed, while empty documents calculations upon hire kids have it repaired. Thanks to the Web path sends Prada 賜, Tel Aviv brochure is easy to find, fast due to this as well upon being hired, thus the problems are no big deal, is not voice it.

About encountered problems, we cool accent circuit begins as normal, finishing the 555 plan when bian circuit IC week is normal, 順 then measured and have empathy for the little Voltage as well as on, big problem was no problem. Turned 閱 Tel Aviv repair hand brochure, release now it of TV road still 蠻 interesting of, although so Hao airport tube airport, not over letter Hao road 徑 Shang with of TV Crystal Stadium still really many, high TV flat put most, on has Q7,Q8,Q9 stub Q10 four 顆, analysis Shang, first put back award TV resistance R31 short-circuit to to, on can obtained TV road of roughly frame institution. Q7 first class amplifier in 負 Ze, is n-channel JFET,Q10 entering into Source-Follower, provides low internal resistance on, grant road 徑 entering into R27 class back to Q7 source, although seemingly compound 雜, Crystal Stadium circuit here this is very basic practices.

Than 較 resistance people 尋 taste of place has II, a is V2 vacuum tube of 陰 極 part, except through over R26, and R31 received to outside, still has a Reuters over R30 stub C11 fields, seems to is a team BU 償 TV road, by in TV road Seattle Shang no has attached parts number value, I also no that patience put number value copy Xia future, on little to because check. Suspects Yue entering into the second Q8 stub Q9 this two p-channel JFET source 極 stub JI 極 direct short circuit, three-Terminal change into two terminal components, data statements strongly Echo my colleagues, in the MOS FET on IC design design, this model courses are equivalent to a real Capacitance. JFET stub g d, s, location of electric resistance than MOS is having mega star, so equivalent electric may want to change into a motionless on the road does contact an individual Capacitance of electric resistance, guess, eight or nine not ten-Zaventem. Audio Research as if still 蠻 likes this model courses by JFET, in addition to higher TV star, singing head amplifier circuit types of usage. If this real fake design is are true of, this two real components of function has may because II: a is by 謂 of boot-strap TV road, description veneered of said, if equivalent TV capacity is big, entering into through Q10 source 極 of with phase input out 訊 Hao, through over this real TV capacity equivalent zoom R25 of number value, to makes V2 獲 have more big of zoom rate, acting theory is: {mathpublisher}A=mu*Rp/(rp+Rp) {/mathpublisher}, total 陰 極 put TV road, 極 負 download electric resistance Rp equivalent screen bigger, greater magnification. Said said this former star magnification've enough big, still need to care about this both any dB? If these two individual Crystal little Stadium the equivalent Capacitance of the component, image: I'm entering into this circuit only high frequency flowinfluence, can be seen as a high-frequency compansation circuit, right on the international which is a kind of, I don't know.

Checked the check Web road, Moritz online along with a large number of which Lee United, like Zambia ARC sheng's secret 訣 falling here are those kind of practices I quite cold, Kai JI general Ting impressions generally is. Said good Ting a little is Gatwick surface big, begins to Phase 寬, bold, difficult Ting a little is Hun 濁, a 團 亂, slow, description straight difficult Ting to has a real 極 to, this future wants to said Mian strong proper Ying both days, after all had it of phono still 蠻 full of, 後 future right in stand, still is put it split Xia, test 慮 repeatedly, this future is wants to big modified a, 後 future wants to wants to hand Shang also no both Taiwan facility airport, on left with this Department put in shelf Shang, lest to people said is no Ting over high-end airport of bumpkin.

If hand Shang has SP9 of Web friends, wants to sharply improved Sheng sound, can General General see I of built Council: put all TV capacity 併 contact of place modified into left a real big of on good, for example C29 stub C9,C12, and C30 stub C30A, other place still has a heap TV resistance is does contact of, put equivalent number value is out future, with a support TV resistance replaced, all 訊 Hao road 徑 Shang of Lee Moritz online all views into veneered core silver online or 銅 online, insurance witnesses transparency upgrade three class. Free said, cut the Electrotechnical Commission, falls under the previous AC, with terms good bit of Electrotechnical Commission. Above this is the place where I'll want to find. Quite so, yes Telefunken beans dry printing 6DJ8 views is a must, the 6DJ8, still worth playing trumpet Amperex, and Siemens shakin foot.

Say the Audio Research, always in my heart, there is no small amount, to promote high school time haha times have quite Club Med to one family here to see a complete set of Audio Research before and after the class, it left a deep impression. Not theory how so said, Audio Research at least in Crystal stadium when road of 80 generation 堅 keep vacuum tube 陣 營, alone special outside views has been is audience more soil artillery imitation of Yes as, Yes in TV road aspects is has its alone special of see solutions, only said concept not's, right in wants to not out when when this Taiwan when early how so Club Med Hao airport is most transparent of Qian class?

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