Recently received two Taiwan Huai off stay repair of antique airport, is I 幫 one Qing Qi 15 years Qian bought of push pull type 擴 big airport, type hao name airport is Western Electric KS-16608-L1, right international manufacture made of company is Dukane, I Yes antique airport not is cooked, root high speed circuit switched data Web Road found of information material, Dukane with Mcintosh in 1960 generation are has 幫 Western Electric generation workers health production over 擴 big airport, TV road design total is future since Western Electric, this KS-16608-L1 product is large, is used to replace the now you've is 貴 killer, WE124, was also set in place by place Pan broadcast system stub TV said system. This London production of Userboxes/Time is long, Dukane because of this facility, still has other facility providers, Web Find photos, Web Shield, and some panels at the bottom, guess nutrited high speed circuit switched data for different purposes have different mixes, both Zhang Seattle are below I found in the net the way a number of different configurations of KS-16608-L1 photo:

This I'm quite nice, original char filler panel at the bottom of an empty location, net road map

This is the bottom of the Control Panel include airport model courses, Web road map

Original facility NET cover, my Kinship of Gatlinburg are not the end of this I'm right, sure then not to mention Web Shield, net road map

It is worth mentioning that this airport is still 專 del Carmen class before the match, Western Electric 銘 is to put before the Board at the top of the socket class uses, ago class itself does not carry Electric power for ying, 燈 hex stub high pressure Electric power is achieved to promote this individual plug head, former star bian Hao KS-16607-L1, airport on a clear standard as shown:

KS-16607-L1 first class outlet

What model courses to KS-16607-L1 star long before, I believe not many people seen, 剛 well someone on eBay in the Mai, photo I borrowed:

Tel Aviv repair airport device of over drive on not more mention has, this kind of antique airport not is views views TV capacity, views views TV resistance, repair good of airport inside as 貼 this left real century read, sharp-eyed of Web friends please don't refers to Ze I not love cherish antique airport, no has pursuant to ancient method repair airport device, 盡 views some four of now generation parts, right entering into is I Qing Qi not 願 more spent money in finishing this Yes airport device above, he of requirements is Club Med 響 on good, even not need two bian Yes airport, skillfully Fu difficult because cannot meters of cooking, in this model courses of original entering into Xia, station long I on only can with hundred 寶 box here now into of parts, Vishay electronic resistance, Philips and Siemens, William Capacitance is Yes this one old guy, not money not what critical.

This electronic solutions Capacitance Almost Huai bare, had to substitute a Capacitance.

This Capacitance is healthy, only Huai 極 負 顆 12AU7 screen download electric resistance, falls under the Vishay 萬 AB 叢 on a little green

Said said this two airport was not Symmetry to Cuteness, in addition to the internal parts of the future there maybe differences that connects Western Electric 銘 brand is different, has a gold're part 銘 cards, entering into another is printed directly on the airport Qiao.

Golden're part 銘 brand

I person inclined stadium just the preferences of Western Electric standard

When years (~1995, brother in full really sound 響 working, is when light fly died AH) Ting full really sound 響 Zhang old boss said first that here has a votes airport device can pick choose, I Qing Qi bought of when waiting has Bible is 後 period has, left of is East spell West 湊 of airport device, links airport Qiao are not full, many place change shaped, I Qing Qi but just Hi Huan this unit San Francisco taste, General Ting finished no long on duel set bought has, impression in the he posted by bought 後 soon has a bian of change pressure device 燒 has, forget has is TV source still is input out, I promote owner Zhang pulled out one dark secret 庫 's popular 殘 殺 meat fast-breaking views over to anform. In repairing this airport over drive here, Yes two 12AU7 work bit design is 驚 is worth 訝, Huai originally still thought that was vacuum tube, please teach Zhang boss knows the original I was too in the future Qian, this time before the airport back to 診, 順 would share with friends NET.

Now in about in this Department airport device of information material in Web road can found many, even links TV road Seattle are was copy Xia future has, I on stole 懶 little directly with, online road Seattle from this Web station:, articles author is Hong Kong of sound 響 專 home Liang Wenguang Mr, built Council Web friends can to that real Web station see, has maybe more experience history 銘 airport of information material, Circuit solutions of istm it seems to me, Liang said part of the CUO Wu, hahawer time, please add your own sentence air circuit breakers.

At first glance zhixia seems to no what great of, push begins to class two support 12AU7, first class straight make second class, third class straight make fourth class, I, II, III class are because standard standard total 陰 極 zoom, 陰 極 TV capacity are not added bypass TV capacity, fourth class entering into because P-K reverse, power tube is standard standard five 極 tube received method, 陰 極 since to partial pressure pass over a real 33uF of TV solutions TV capacity bypass. In Bu 償 TV road stub back award part, this airport adoption full domain back award, through over input out change pressure device times class of back award online circle directly pulled letter Hao to first class TV pressure zoom three 極 tube of 陰 極, BU 償 TV road total has V2 Shang of a team RC (360pF/4.7k Ohms), and power tube Shang screen 極 to to two team RC (0.003uF/1k Ohms).

Seattle is I use PSPICE modeling 擬 under Voltage amplification circuit we cool Phase partial pressure, PSPICE model of the vacuum tube from the Norman l. Koren's improved version, property conditions information can refer to this one Web site:

PSPICE model 擬 used fruit

Please seed this individual circuit conditions view notes V1A partial pressure, Yes, you didn't read wrong, it 極-screen Voltage is 28V Cathode pressure less 1V! Cathode Cathode Voltage divided by electric resistivity 1.2k Ohm TV streams available after less than 1mA is low it is not believed that comparison like a drift of the 12AX7, connections V2A hold pressure too low to no 82V. Thing right Shang, this real PSPICE die 擬 still not enough to reflect right international TV road, I in right airport Shang volume to of TV pressure are than die 擬 number value small 10%~30%, this also cannot blame PSPICE model not standard, after all had this real model is with curve fitting of way put whole real vacuum tube of work area product can reduce to by not to ten real participation number future description, not too easy and upon being hired to 極 end of work little. Original facility by the 12AU7 datasheet look in the future, little 極 left below the I/v curve, how do not like a normal Club Med design where WE Normal University difficult road head Qiao sent to any? I think this one question no standard answers to standard problems nutrited, in the year when WE project the eyes of normal University's popular, online, audio and 響 is the effect of not meeting their preferential topic considered, durability, as well as reasonable stub on the distortion of power or maybe is their standard. To the airport using local 負 substantial feedback and enblock 負 reactive institution, right up on the international figures would not want too difficult to see, cannot by law, who say vacuum tube working bit must be intermediate point of the design of I/V music online?

First class of Voltage amplification of the KS-16608-L1 bit

Promote vacuum tube characteristics song online future see, can General with push measured to WE engineering Normal University when early of idea: this class of input into spiritual sensitive degrees great 500mVpp, so 負 partial pressure as long as big in 500mV on OK has, plus screen 極 負 download TV resistance with of is big, 負 download online close a terms level online, and no has bypass of 陰 極 TV resistance itself provides of 負 back award, above this some elements are has help in upgrade this class of online sex degrees. Using ultra low pressure good finish a lot, including a long vacuum tube jeon, 較 low working temperature. When so this model courses of design set still is has deficiency little of, station long not is clear when years Yes TV resistance of noise model whether has foot enough research, now generation noise analysis Club Med put TV resistance of noise source into two part, part is hot noise 4kTRB, with hot degrees and resistance has about, resistance more high, and hot degrees more high noise energy on more big. Another part of the excess nooise, with electric resistance materials activities, unit is μ V/V/decade, TV two end Voltage difference, the higher the excess noise is. AB electronic noise will not lower the resistance itself, in the first class of the most sensitive pressure drop across the screen close to the 200V class 負 download two-side image: meat Xian a lot of noise, noise analysis can refer to Burkhard Vogel property conditions by The Sound of Silence a book.