After positioning, I start 嘗 to try different kinds of loudspeaker 擺, when beginning with having 俠 Zhang Wen, and bear Park 偉 Learning, Yes to 擺 experience is:

1. multi-嘗 General
2. measuring tape

More 嘗 General Ying this is without more solutions 釋 has, tape entering into is Zambia whole Horn will equipment of tool, people eye regardless of again how so standard, are no has Office method standard to a two cm, and Zambia whole Horn, poor real a cm on can poor is yesterday, has has tape, when a bian Horn 擺 good 後, volume about it with back walls stub side walls of from-Zaventem, to addition a bian as method bubble manufacture, on insurance witnesses 擺 bit Yes airport.

Original come to Mr Zhang 俠 my speaker box band pulley, it is easy to move begins, promote opening round stainless steel teeth falls under the terms when after foot, difficult to maybe move begins to change the box, the more, not over the still not to a person can't work. Due to fear of 繡 steel tooth terms Huai grinding wood floor, I went to B&Q cut two 塊 fuel ectonomc sheet Jia under the Horn of 100cmx890cm. A open began of both real gifts worship, by in stuck in projection scene of about relationship, Horn are by side walls is near, to in the between can left out approximately two meters 寬 of empty between to projection scene, Horn except-Zaventem side walls is near yiwai, still only Qian 後 moved begins to, audio to by toe-in angle future duel set, General has is long are no Office method full meaning, this model courses 擺 of first real question problem is Hui of not to of low frequency 駐 wave, HPD385 of bass has Bible enough fertilizer has, again plus two bian side walls 幫 busy, description straight is days 搖 to begins to, This is the first time I encountered too much low frequency loudspeaker system. Most people would like to trumpet sank as low as possible, I don't want it too many bass, it's Satire. Second one question problem was accent Gatwick aselia Yes, except for a few music happens to be outside the applicable insert, playing music is absolute most position unclear, can't catch people, although horn tone really is praise.

I'm low-frequency stub Standing wave, I also made some efforts, including 訂 had two individual Sheng arc, only on Wool blankets, and and the first reflection in the ceiling area 貼 both 塊 pyramid sound-absorbing cotton, 極 limited effect, look up on lateral walls 擺 is dying. Had to move to intermediate trumpet begins, originally still hope the speaker can be kept on Jia, Orange fruits more intermediate move better voice, a bit over a foot to give him Jia. Ex-Zaventem Jia restrictions, can free a lot, where the Zambia last Horn Center side walls of approximately a meter-Zaventem, back-Kingsford Smith is close to the walls, if the walls are too far back-Zaventem, audio and image: too big, then come in the net saw someone say Tannoy back walls voice better and better, supposed to come this is not secret.

Currently 擺 although just the audio slightly larger problem problem, trust nutrited 15 "veneered Stadium's original sin, regardless of balance or a location stub 細 Jie was quite full. 傳 said Tannoy a Gatwick fire 後 燒 off formula, again also for not out 輕 thin of Paper basin, so 後 future custom airport meat head of HPD 385 required in Paper basin added ribs BU strong, even was said HPD series cannot is Tannoy of blood system, at least to promote Gold open began and so, I wants to this Ying this is wrong 誤 of 訊 card, HPD of modified change Ying this is because has crystal Stadium airport of by Jian universal and release 燒 friends Yes in low frequency of pursuit, so for has Paper basin aggravated stub bear power increased of modified change, in I of empty between here, HPD385 can be issued by -3dB voice of 25Hz, there is not much need for BU bass, this Red or Gold series is impossible to Office, physics is not want to 騙 people, veneered Stadium than Fs will know. Tannoy HPD Ying after this still have 續 production without rib Paper pot holders, at least today, still in English bought into the original facility new re-cone Kit, including the spider,voice coil stub cone.

When so, I also not said Gold or Red poor, this some are is good East West, not over price grid 貴 has that so more, phase 較 zhixia HPD series arrived play more has, I has and British China seeking witnesses over, HPD and Red stub Gold series of vibration film department system can total with, next to British China travel, no accident of said Ying this Club Med brought a team re-cone Kit back future, which days wants to not open put HPD385 re-cone about, meat head on change gold head has.

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