This is the San Francisco article 1999 miniWatt, when standing at the beginning of long hand there are Yes JBL 4312C, how Ting is not full, and finally begins to put the box down. Ten tired years later, then head back to see this article, Wikipedia a lot of CUO Wu, less 輕 when his adult memories in my eyes. Friends name when years have a real Web model courses University model courses, also removed boxes, used fruit stand long threes on Altec, why disappoint friends catch this Web Po, do not know how this Web 4312C the last finish reset? This why I'm this first Web friends deeply apologetic. Edge International Club Med recently, reading some JBL 4312 series article, or a Yes 4312A 剛 good and quite Club Med to get, while quite sort out information material, and Yes this Web there is individual accountability.

The following articles because in 1999, Xie, CUO Wu I rough Stadium red Word correction.



4312C although so real beauty price low, but it in points sound used has two 顆 can change TV resistance L-PAD Zambia whole level sound (this is because has convenient DVD sound room using of design total), is 敗 Pen in the of 敗 Pen, whole real 4312C of in the low frequency and Meng and men, except Ting Jazz sound Park zhiwai both between was cannot method stand, although so in views with L100 of Alnico Alto veneered Stadium 後 slightly has improved, but still limited. Therefore, it's tone is non-change, addition, veneered Stadium 擺 design or Symmetry, dubbing Studios, household said in order to facilitate 擺, why just the Symmetry type design design ideal, as JBL 4312B model courses. Therefore, 4312C boxes may have to do it again.

You would maybe want problem, worthy of any modified this model courses? Hey! A Yes brand new JBL 4312C as long as 幣 15,000, includes two 12-inch bass, two 2.5-inch midrange and two gold're part diaphragm tweeter, this six veneered Stadium plus added probably close to 4312C Mai charge, still not considered two individual partials and my suitcase!

認 into the Pen, 4312C has absolute yes 潛 force sufficient enough, able becoming good Sheng Horn, Sheng 輩 L100 stub before over the 4311, Bible Code, for able catch 4312C 揚 Mei Qi, installation project a.a my modification is as follows:

A, and box heavy do, with a inches Feng wood Jia Board, increased box Stadium quality volume and 剛 sex, future control big Macedonia force of bass veneered Stadium, so 後, advises box of size do a Zambia whole, because has Tel Aviv holding original future Panel of small identification Ting Horn proportion, I didn't want to advises positive of surface equivalent of 擴 big too more, so, I plasticity total advises box do deep, probably deepened to 80cm around (originally of box deep approximately 40cm), so, bass reflection mouth size and Horn low frequency 響 Ying may are have again total is over, After deepening veneered Stadium stub box Stadium to let in treble bass-veneered Stadium to leave room, let unit dry 擾 Stadium between reduce to an absolute minimum.

Second, audio splitter add-ins, may mean 丟 off to do one without change electric resistance L-PAD, directly fixed to high quality modified electric resistance ratio of stub adjust nut treble bass, good external finish is 輕 easy design plan to Bi-Amp.

Third, manufacture a Yes proper foot. Friends believe useful over 4312 series: temporary staffing ・ must have proper foot trapped 擾 was not found, because this Horn was originally a design plan used in the dubbing Studios Consol, not a prisoner of the foot frame 擾, but moved writers with time, its high is not high, for low low figure is really difficult to match the foot. I predict gauge according to height of 4312 燒 Yes Pig iron manufacture of foot placing it in the future, so, 4312C Ying Prada to a first-class speaker level.


4312C solutions 5/9/1999

Because has know solutions 4312C of design total, I will must split out 4312C of points sound device, but find future find to, is not know points sound device in that here, and 4312C of box originally on no intends to let family playing open, so external also no has any screw hex can for demolition, is for because this real reasons, I Chi Chi no has begins to hand regulation 4312C. Future tide today, think about box is not, then all'll 4312C veneered Stadium to remove the future, took a Sledge Hammer! knock, knock future individual panel, see how internal 4312.

The passage 陣 he've been 轟 to pieces the box, finally'll pry the Panel open, after a closer look disappointed. 4312 box itself of material is with density is low of intensive Board by team into of, this kind of Board inside Department pit pit hole hole of, see up future on like is software wood plug a model courses, 剛 sex 極 poor, difficult blame 4312C of bass always between of, except materials poor yiwai, whole real 4312 of box was is with adhesive plaster sticky up future of, a root Ding child or card Tenon are no has, inside Department also only has both real place sticky Shang stick BU strong, BU strong of way still is with adhesive plaster, alas! This is where we work.

Finished has box to 後, future see Alto veneered Stadium of arrangements, 4312C of Alto veneered stadium is placed in a real alone State of Chamber here surface, and this real Chamber not know is what so material for of, thickness big approximately only three Zhang host health Paper, material quality also class like host health Paper, outside coating coating to tree fat a class of thick adhesive plaster BU strong, knock up future buckle buckle for 響, right international chasing after for up future of said Chamber make bad sing have than Alto veneered Stadium still big sheng, this model courses make Sheng sound how so Club Med good does? Don't know JBL this was doing exactly what those years, there was no progress, the more worse, J.B. Lansing underground have knowledge, do not know this what to think.

Because has in heavy for 4312 box when can enough has real participation test according to high speed circuit switched data, I will must know this real Chamber of capacity equivalent of, but this real Chamber is Bowl symptoms, with feet rules difficult to total is, reminds small school when old Normal University said of love Dyson of story, hand bian 剛 good has a real baking coffee bean with of big bowl, immediately advises panel brought to bathroom, with Bowl public installation water pour Chamber inside, cannot skillfully unfortunately, 剛 good two big bowl public of water can fill full Chamber, day 後 as long as again dosage Cup volume out Bowl public of capacity equivalent of can.

4312 Panel split 爛, thus blowing up is that middle Chamber

Remove only three units in the future Stadium

Split finished Panel 後, has Bible can see points sound device of 後 surface has, Tsai conditions research about, release now to split points sound device will must promote Qian Panel with hand, but front Board Shang put points sound device of place 貼 with JBL of decoration Board, bite a teether, halves, simply advises decoration Board also split has, find a put art knife promote iron quality decoration Board next bian slowly dug, so 後 advises decoration Board up lift open, this future still intends to retained this real decoration Board, with in to 後 of box Shang, 後 future release now regardless of how so tore decoration Board surface are Club Med up 縐 Wen, Regardless of the 3,721 all tore up.

After remove the decoration plate, you can see sound fixed two hex, spin open hex sound you'll remove. This real points sound device also is was pen hotel, materials of description veneered, a see on know is has question problem of design total, TV sense only a real, presumably in points sound Web road low frequency stub in the frequency only a real is II 階 Web road, its remaining of veneered Stadium are is a 階 Web road, this model courses points frequency little of phase Club Med Yes any? Any impedance'll tie up, hold constant? To high damping, is gone with the string connecting two individual 8 Ohm change of electric resistance L-PAD , looked me right in the desire to link copying the audio circuit is not, see partials have start over again in the future.
This finish-about audio description has I'm wrong, long Club Med in another article here explain.

Get a support Horn to 後, split addition a support on easy more has, according to model courses 畫 Hu Lu a, six support veneered Stadium plus two real points sound device all split Xia, left two real broken broken 爛 爛 of box, and full of niao fire, but six only veneered Stadium, except original future of two support bian Hao because LE 5-2, original L100 with of Alto veneered stadium originally on cannot can picky yiwai, left remaining of two support 2213H bass veneered Stadium and two support 035TIA Wan taixin exactitude alloy treble veneered Stadium see up future work still not is too poor, Ying this still great can because, Next project a.a is a new design of total speakers, this must be measured before two bass veneered Stadium T/H participation number in order to calculate volumetric ton stub of the speaker to leave aperture equivalent, can't matter, always is a big step forward.


Alto veneered Stadium for L100, cool!

LE 5-2 positive