Between Mai Chang Ting fang sound 響 stores push how important do sound 響 time, Club Med said airport with 額 thrust than on a vacuum tube power Crystal on the stadium quite strong maybe, Zhan Zhang Ting me to this do-while statement of model courses, tend to scoff at, this store is worth head brain can't tell, don't often get to see TV reviews. The laws of physics, power is power, 豈 because the vacuum tubes must thrust (thrust into place between push and how important do ordered, for seeking to quantify see this finish off the design thrust = power on) Sheng Crystal Stadium over the airport, and because of this, long still 專 why attack del Carmen click.

Recently future, Huck brother in discuss theory area mentioned he new installation of 211 than one 200W of Crystal Stadium airport still to powerful, station long I still to power is power, Ting up future powerful not representative than 較 big sheng, theory Zambia, 闡 said physical volume of meaning can correspond, cannot skillfully unfortunately, today leisure future cannot thing, turned has turned 剛 sent to of Stereophile June/2001 version, here surface has a article Peter van Willensward Xie of articles, "Tubes do something Special "thanks to reading after some reflections proposed stub Web friends we share in the future.

Peter articles mainly about he had Bible view observed (憑 Ting worth) same on power standard vacuum tube large livly airport bigger than Crystal Stadium airport sheng, for this, he uses 儀 measured Ting worth related article stub on the physical connection. He uses Agilent (formerly HP) 54622A oscilloscope, using its 儲 Save function, 顯 follows one park here in the future on the peak. In Park paragraph of choose liquid Shang, he promote Muti refers to of La Traviata (Camellia female) choose has a Scotto sing of Violetta and a FFF strong degrees of Chorus added orchestral Park, measured General of airport device has three Department, points don't is one nominal output because 25Watt of Crystal Stadium airport, one 10Watt of 300B SE and a Department 4Watt of EL84, to in measured General Horn, entering into is Audio Note e. He of measured general method, is adoption with links 續 play park paragraph, in Ting up future no has distortion of maximum input out Xia, with a support cannot points to sex Mai grams Wind in Horn Qian half meters finish measured volume input out sound pressure, is said, he measured volume people ear right international promote Horn Ting to of sound pressure, and not only is 擴 big airport input out of TV child 訊 Hao. Because has avoid input out volume too big, in ear has Bible cannot method bear of case Xia sentenced air circuit breakers whether distortion or made wrong 誤 sentenced air circuit breakers (if please Ting 慣 140dB of ke drink feast Normal University future measured General, Ying this cannot this question problem:)), Peter using a Yes Etymotic Research of earplugs, this Yes earplugs can in sound frequency range 圍 inside provides 12dB of noise across-Zaventem.

Interesting Hobby, his measured completely used fruit. In people Sheng measured volume aspects, he in Crystal Stadium airport Shang volume to 41.6Vpp of maximum peak input out, in 300B Shang volume to 46.3Vpp,EL84 Shang entering into because 30Vpp, so, in people Sheng table now Shang, 300B by input out of power can Prada Crystal Stadium airport of 2.5 times times, and EL84 of input out power only small in Crystal Stadium airport 3dB, yesterday small in 帳 surface Shang ying some 8dB. Readers, please note this here on Voltage is from the Mack, Connie Wind amplifier, so Voltage value does not represent the sound pressure or large livly airport on power, only Yes values refer to can correspond.

In the orchestral music on the measured, due to find Phase encountered problems, Peter advises Zambia Mack, Connie Wind the gain of the amplifier is small, so the finish measured Voltage values cannot be compared directly stub Human voice part, not over, we have a Hobby just the different airport location differences. Crystal Stadium on the airport, why 7.57V,300B why 8.07V why 11.25V EL84 entering into Vpp. This number represents the 300B, EL84 can even on Stadium quite more power than ceramic, this is what happened? Difficult physical laws actually change SATA settings? Long difficult road any previous view are wrong? Just the ... ...

A step in progress prior to discuss theories, I Ying this take a look at this fact something might be missing on these little. 顯 ran, the least element of Science, is Peter's tri-ear. High speed circuit switched data description of Peter, when he quite open to the volume of grain Stadium over 額 on time, he cannot immediately Ting to accepted distortions in 300B stub EL84, entering into his Ting is not distorted, only a slight pressure suppression (compressed) voice. In the ears of this tri-not Science, we can't distortion size comparison, we can only use "Ting up" as a distortion of the data. Can't study, "Ting up" absolute yes can't as a guest view standard guideline, therefore, this individual seems measured program of Science, the fact remains the State based on non-Science. Not over, design Peter ears stub Ting worth system stub you me too no big difference, this individual right these results fruit or maybe is there clear most users I'm vacuum tube equipment 較 powerful Feeling.

Next fall, we look at in the future on a physical meaning can correspond, Peter right these results say to understand why. Design still does not change the laws of Physics (Ying this do not want to change it? ), Peter of right these, told tell I we beyond maximum input out power, has Bible open began distortion of vacuum tube 擴 big airport, "Ting up future" still can keep sound Zambia stub timbre of are true sex, let people not worth gains and losses really is yan heavy, and in Crystal Stadium airport aspects, once open began distortion, this kind of distortion often is let people difficult to stand of.

In over to, often was Yes veneered end 擴 big airport can enough release out 較 big of volume and not worth have distortion, GUI work in most of distortion future since in I times 諧 wave, not over, in this times of measured volume here, Peter with model courses measured volume has push pull type frame institution of EL84 擴 big airport, release now push pull frame institution of vacuum tube 擴 big airport a model courses has this kind of characteristics, this on not I times 諧 wave by can solutions 釋 of has.

Open issues

1. How would modify a measured approach is consistent with Science spirit?

Zhan Zhang my institution wants its right worth Peter was great, not over, if able cooperate more Science measured, worth distortion of the stub link Guan Ting up, it gives us ideal. If this individual right all these here, able in the measured sound pressure time, same time measured distortion of large livly airport symptoms Phase, comparison between 諧 wave distortion characteristics of different airport and stub Ting worth Experience comparison, must have more education can correspond.

2. is the push-pull institution, why vacuum tubes "Ting up" Crystal Stadium still quite strong? All Crystal Stadium airport design plan is this any model courses? Just the. ...

Vacuum tube Crystal Stadium airport on airport stub class maximum of two different, because airport used a vacuum tube on anform, and why vacuum tubes most airport thought screens 極 on, and why shoot 極 Stadium airport entering into (100% feedback) on. If able comparison on different class institution, for example, used a vacuum tube Cathode on grain veneered side of the stadium with fast Pass into JI 極 on, also maybe we'll happen now then this is not crystal Stadium quite difference vacuum tube stub, only Intel epic problem is woaicaobi online road problems.

This is one very interesting said problems, joined Huan Ying Web friends discuss theories, long image: view Web friends after finishing Post out.