Story, this is the start of model courses:

Qian both real months in because modified fixed partial pressure of veneered end 50 擴 big airport do 負 pressure for TV TV road, by in TV road're part in right these sex quality, and with to many real big capacity of high pressure TV capacity (470uF/250V), Shang RS component see need many money, reminds often shopping of Amoy 寶, duel set to see has no has than 較 cheap of choose liquid. Although long Ting articles Amoy 寶 holiday 貨 Heng Electrical components on line, not over the long Experience but it's not over what much of encountered problems, so wanted to say as long as prior and Mai Jia Gou Tong Ying this clearly on the line.

Shang Amoy 寶 see has about, some TV solutions TV capacity good cheap, skin printing is big facility for example Nichicon and Rubycon, I see has a paragraph Rubycon MXC series 470uF/250V, size meet I of needs, price grid cheap to vomiting blood, I still special don't to Rubycon Web station check has about this paragraph TV capacity of characteristics, although so has little strange it standard of size D35mmxL50mm with Amoy 寶 Shang Mai of D22mmxL30mm not too a model courses, Phase dacholer heart would like to say is maybe 庫 deposit the size of San Francisco San Francisco 貨! want want and connects Luo Mai House, Mai said this is "national production" of Capacitance, long romantic thought "national production" is the meaning of Rubycon Landmass facility production, surprisingly Mai home the meaning of the fact is greater continental manufacturing knockoffs.

Rubycon original facility MXC series Capacitance size specifications, source: Rubycon

Capacitance and Feeling the skin received poor print quality has little, not too much like a large facility Ying class Capacitance standards, not over nor care about. The electric capacity of approximately, all above 400uF, as well as with General Electric solution Capacitance +/-20% specification, high pressure is not very good inspection, my circuit flow up to approximately 220V, 250V Capacitance nutrited has quite the remaining margin. Installation on the circuit after an individual Capacitance Huai, and views off the circuit after the normal find and see what is up with no problem problem, yet.

Capacitance received views outside, look up still 蠻 like nothing

Yesterday night put a bian of 50 擴 big airport installation good, volume has about partial TV flow are normal 後 received Shang Department system General Ting, Qian 20 points clock all normal, until has moment between 擴 big airport under out large white ACEs up, release out Si SI Sheng plus said not out is incense still is smelly of taste (its right I still 蠻 Hi Huan Siemens TV solutions TV capacity burst Jiang 後 of taste, that is big school when generation years 輕 not sensible), this signs as is clear of in said Ming:

緊 urgent about TV, put all of received online split off, State Macedonia put airport device moved to work 檯 Shang, root high speed circuit switched data Bible these, this stuff must to while hot eat, o not, must to while question problem 剛 release health of when waiting on 趕 fast 檢 reviews, this model courses can promote hot degrees with out ACEs up of place see some question problem, if, put cold has also maybe some now as on views justice not to has. This times of fault little is easy see, 負 pressure die team highest pressure of that real TV capacity skin burst open, also can see TV solutions liquid outflow, has no has heel to other components still have Tsai conditions 檢 check, not over promote TV road future see Ying this is TV capacity itself resistance pressure not enough, was 220V of TV pressure click wear, room inside left 濃 濃 of taste, that fresh of fragrance on like is.....


Jiang burst of Capacitance, cross the gap above the electronic solution to promote aluminum cans from the


Blast off the circuit here is the Capacitance of C1, also bear 負 pressure of the places with the highest

Originally wanted to say businessmen black individual 極 limited Capacitance pressure resistance of this stuff is not enough yan said Club Med 災 NAO deadly fire, surprisingly I really underestimated human fraud 極 limited. True, real want to say:


How do I finish this hand this Capacitance? Qing love readers, secretly tell you: have a low Capacitance, there is need to make this electronic said. ...