1995 years around, station long still is big school health when, Web international Web road open began in Taiwan 灣 popular, when when of www still not universal, station long through over friends of between 紹, 認 knowledge has Telnet,Usenet of using method, when when some CD Taiwan 灣 no has progress mouth, through over cdexpress can in beauty China bought, sent to Taiwan 灣, back when when directly through over Telnet input into credit card information material, also without any complexity 雜 of these witnesses program, East West on directly sent future Taiwan 灣, still is terrorist. Private person Yin public open road Web international Web cannot send encrypted 傳, this Ying this is 謂 because it cannot know, so can't 懼 it.

Except Telnet yiwai, Web international Web road addition a real fun of East West, is Usenet, it its right on like is BBS, not over Shang Usenet of with account range 圍 than 較 big, world around are has, discuss theory of said problem five spent eight del Carmen, station long most often Liu 覽 of, when so is rec.audio.tubes stub rec.audio.forsale this two version has, especially 後 who is real 寶 庫, has little patience of said, both between all name device are can to reasonable of price bit hand. When when through over forsale version bought Mai, basically is completely letter 賴 Yes party, often are is check sent to Mai home, Mai home, check d now 後 only put items sent out, although so so, station long in both ten Pen bought Mai here promote not encountered question problem, 後 future in eBay, instead has maybe more not happy of Bible these, today if no has PayPal, believes 糾 紛 Club Med more, see Usenet declined, is was not Sheng Hey Xu.

By in when when station long Dan any beauty Sheng right for of Chinese turned 譯, also open began 幫 now generation sound 響 雜 weakness Xie articles, yes vacuum tube TV road also more future more sense tech interest, especially Yes in mystery model courses of input out change pressure device, more is spent has maybe more when between research, by with Usenet, station long 認 knowledge has both real Yes change pressure device is has research of players, through over email stub message roundtrip, 獲 got many 寶 貴 of know knowledge. Which has one future since load other of Ron Kremer told I If yes sound frequency change pressure device really of has tech interest, must to property read Partridge Mr 1939 in Wireless 雜 weakness release table of series articles, this series articles established in-depth Qian out brought leadership read who understand sound frequency change pressure device of acting theory base 礎, Partridge Mr although so died young (died in II war empty difficult), maybe more of research file also in war fire in the Yi lost, he of name Sheng but for this both article articles and flow 傳 has.

I tell Ron this both article 灣 is not easy to find, hope he is able 幫 I copy sent to me, Ron said there was no question of the generous problem, he'll to the Libraries copy sent to me, without pay, soon after long really received a copy of the file. Although after a connection string when soldiers operating out of the country, walk beside Ron lost contact Luo, but he friendly, I've been 謹 name in mind.

This finishing those days San Francisco East West, can't staff up this Partridge series, also called up young memories in my eyes, when the time since think knows a lot, often at USNet or Pen fought discussing Board and people, now you see the future, true, real funny. Knowledge is a school not a lifetime, hope over this both Translation and let all hot audio frequency anform of theoretical base 礎, which both articles have Bible for approximately 70 years of history, Ying this without the original question on Copyright problems. Although Translation is not the original reflection, to reprinting Chinese Translation if there are net friends, fan please advise in the future, and please registration out the finish, this is Yes respect each other.