While the Saturday wife and child back home, open cars to Miaoli thanks to visit ten tired years see 寶 Mu Xuan Xu, teacher, teacher Xu remained hot hospitality, said the box open on the way down, sound 談 灣 響 release show, Zhan Zhang and Xu teacher two people but I'm a wry smile. In recent years future Xu old Normal University anti-Emilio GUI really, East West more play more description veneered, put he experience years collection of good 貨 cleanup has better out future took Mai, while with station long worship visit, Xu old Normal University to station long out has real problem accounts, is about in currently is popular with antique 600 Ohms match change pressure device received in CD sing Pan input out end, this how so received only are true? This kind of play seems to in world around are is popular, high speed circuit switched data airport care effect 驚 people, CD number bit Sheng State Macedonia change into LP class than sheng, water change a surname happy, Xu old Normal University hand Shang has better WE of 600 Ohms change pressure device, Lam line when station long brought go has two 顆 famous of Western Electric manufacture made of REP120C home measured General, is two hand empty and future, bags full full and GUI Ah.


Western Electric REP120C transformer

If read who with station long a model courses ten both years Qian in West Ningbo city Gatwick or more early in 灣 here split ship when generation on open began collection broken 銅 爛 iron, must Club Med see over many Western Electric manufacture made of design equipment, above greatly small change pressure device a heap, except WE yiwai, also often can see other brand of change pressure device for example UTC, and Triad, and Sangamo and Chicago Transformers, this some change pressure device has many are is 600 Ohms, some in early class, Some in the class, some first class stub class is 600 Ohms, and some in addition to 600 Ohms can still change over different connections to a different impedance, provides some of the rising pressure falling pressure. This anform size can also be poor t is very large, almost Bentō size smaller than sparking 輝 airport still small, average is 600 Ohms anform, why is this so many different types are there? Anform 600 Ohms match exactly what rundong is motionless? And Ting Zhan Zhang 講 Gu:

All this to promote electronic furnished accommodation (telegraphy) system says, what is electronic furnished accommodation? Oh, has see over small perceived exertion bodiniluo decoration played of Fu Hilton Morse second set of Ying this is clear, TV shadow here Fu Hilton Morse to Chinese health promote Switzerland took TV furnished accommodation back Suai grid other Gatwick seized crime genius mo in Nigerian pedicle of 財 production (station long promote China in the when period open began is Fu Hilton Morse fans, this real small perceived exertion bodiniluo played of Empress cavity version Fu Hilton Morse let station long finished wants to 罵 ever said, you still is obediently to played you of steel iron people's). TV said is rare, denpou telegram is the civilian population that is when long way the only way of communication, it can change into electronic text Qi 訊 Hao, yes 銅 encyclopedia 傳 over one to far side, much like today's email, just not over you not on the electronic brain delivery, denpou telegram Bureau want to send someone to inform you in the future. First of TV furnished accommodation Department system adoption with like Morse TV 碼 of class of release furnished accommodation way, 傳 sent staff knock with TV 鍵 put English letters bian 碼 sent out, received staff entering into soon of put received of TV 碼 copy Xie Xia future, 遙 wants to station long when years because has test ham 執 as, full a real months Ting with tick of DVD sound brought enrollees 習 Morse TV 碼 solutions 碼. Having with TV said Department system of progress step, TV furnished accommodation Department system does no has immediately disappeared, but stub TV said Department system coexistence has good a when between, for example in 1935 release exhibition of Telex Department system, can in a terms TV said online took download 25 real TV furnished accommodation channel, each real channel of character rate (baud rate) is 45.45 Hz, when so this real when waiting 傳 sent stub received are is since begins to of has, 訊 Hao also is not is tick of Morse TV 碼, if just to 傳 di message, using TV furnished accommodation still Thomas Bjorn 貴 of ordered sound pass 訊 future of deal.

The TV said system stub denpou telegram system sharing 纜 online, 傳 input distance is very far (Number km, and number ten km even number hundred km), 訊 Hao online cannot to veneered pure vegetable of TV resistance future die 擬, will must test 慮 導 online above of TV capacity stub TV sense, this in TV magnetic school Shang're part in 傳 input online (transmission line) design total, description, of, all of 傳 input online are has a real characteristics impedance (characteristic impedance), to in because what antique match change pressure device most are is 600 ohms? Station long find has some information material, GUI Varna of results theory is 600 Ohms is early TV furnished accommodation when generation or TV said Department system bud when period with of 傳 input online characteristics impedance, early of TV said online is only in TV Online Rod Shang of, if has two terms 8AWG 銅 online each other apart approximately a British sq ft, this Yes online of characteristics impedance is 600 Ohms, although so 後 future of TV said online for because crosstalk question problem instead 絞 online, 600 Ohms of Department system but so used has.

Having with when between of played progress, first real place broadcast TV Taiwan 誕 health has, this some place broadcast TV Taiwan need 傳 di sound frequency 訊 Hao to yesterday party for example release shot station, many is using original of TV said online 傳 di, also need many received online put sound 響 design equipment (MAI grams Wind, and 擴 big airport,) links received up future, when early make place broadcast of that votes people and make TV said Department system of are is TV said company of people, just points're part different Department del Carmen, so is natural of on Club Med put TV said company of Department system as veneered full received, 600 Ohms Department system in is into because place broadcast workers operating of standard standard, Next future is 600 Ohms system 專 professional audio 響 professional use, because their equipment must place broadcasting company, now 600 Ohms system, he became Heng cross-communication, sound-place stub sowing 專 operating 響 common impedance.

From the above view to view, fully furnished apartments are not difficult to release 600 Ohms system, does not see Frequency characteristics applicable insert soucd card to use, this is the first one encountered problems. Second real question problem than 較 interesting, in pass 訊 Department system here, because has Prada to most power 傳 out, release shot device inside resistance, 導 online impedance stub 終 end TV resistance will must completely match, whether entering into Club Med shadow 響 傳 input from-Zaventem, so, General of design total views read is release sent end design equipment of input out impedance, in received end of input into impedance, in the between again received Shang characteristics impedance stub input access impedance equal of 傳 input online. In sound 響 uses Shang, by in 訊 Hao online long degrees 頂 more a two hundred meters, this real maximum power 傳 input of needs not see have established, to this real from-Zaventem, in sound frequency range 圍 inside, fundamental without test 慮 傳 input online characteristics impedance of shadow 響, match change pressure device of role most main of is provides TV Qi 訊 Hao across-Zaventem, solutions duel to loop road TV bit poor caused of hum Sheng question problem, so match change pressure device of impedance not see have non-to tie 導 online characteristics impedance not. To has modern, some engineering Normal University release now he we need of is maximum TV pressure 傳 input, and not maximum power 傳 input, views statements of, he we hope release sent end design equipment of inside resistance more low more good, and received end of input into impedance more high more good, this is today all sound 響 equipment of common characteristics, also so now generation sound 響 with of match change pressure device of choose liquid on than 較 more model courses has, except 600 Ohms yiwai, often see of still has 10K Ohms.

Larila 雜 of 談 has this so more, cannot non-is wants to let read who understand 600 Ohms antique change pressure device hundreds of kind of, each kind of are the has when early design total of purpose stub uses, for example WE REP series, REP is repeating coil of mean, this real series of change pressure device when early design total is with future improved TV said online longitudinal balance of, put this class change pressure device form in CD sing Pan input out Club Med has what so results fruit does? Let our 繼 續 ~~

Promote change pressure device of angle future see, impedance number value is no meaning can correspond of, than 較 important of participation number is early class stub times class TV sense, leak sense volume stub 雜 bulk TV capacity, Qian both duel set low frequency 響 ying, third party duel set high frequency 響 ying, by in split ship change pressure device design total cannot was change, I we can do of is master this both real basic participation number, match proper when of 訊 Hao source and 擴 big airport impedance, let station long through following series PSPICE die 擬, let everyone can enough has deeper a coating of understand:

WE repAnform facility properties WE REP series information

Frequency 響 Ying die 擬 circuit

In Shang Seattle here, I put CD sing pan of input out TV road was equivalent into a real wearing Tel Aviv Ningbo TV road, contains a real ideal TV pressure source and a real series contact TV resistance, received in change pressure device of left side, this real TV resistance is input out TV road of inside resistance, usually can in CD sing pan of rules grid book here surface check to, General OP input out or Crystal Stadium input out class Ying this Club Med in number ten ohms to number hundred ohms of between, for example station long of Studer A725 original facility information material RCA input out is <500 Ohms, Long checked the A725 the circuit map, NE5532 United the two 220 Ohms on end of electric resistance, plus NE5532 itself on impedance stub Studer explain the numerical difference between the published book is not far. If it is a CD Sung pan used on class a vacuum tube entering into on over to 1k Ohms impedance is likely. Anform in Seattle is the ideal anform, Zhan Zhang here's popular only low frequency 響 Ying do die 擬 not 慮 雜 bulk Capacitance test I'm high-frequency flowinfluence, 600 Ohms anform said in the future, due to a sense of 繞 group are not high, high frequency 響 ying is not usually encountered problem. First class 繞 team and star 繞 team because the amount of coils and chokes 500 mH, WE REP 120C 550mH. Because description of question problem, not test 慮 銅 損 (change pressure device 繞 online TV resistance) stub 傳 input online, so right side of change pressure device times class directly received in 負 download TV resistance Shang, I we first on match change pressure device original of design total, is 訊 source input out inside resistance 600 Ohms, 負 download TV resistance 600 Ohms future die 擬, die 擬 results fruit following:


Rs=600 Ohms,Rl=600 Ohms low frequency 響 Ying

Promote Shang Seattle can see by in 訊 source input out impedance, in 負 download impedance, input out TV pressure 剛 good is 訊 source of half, to dB said is -6dB, in Shang Seattle here 1kHz~100kHz of level online is -6dB, in low frequency part, 訊 Hao promote 1kHz following open began 滾 drop, -3dB little in 100Hz around, to has 20Hz failure reduce Super over 18dB, this model courses of frequency rate 響 ying, 顯 so not I we hope of, station long had see over many people this model courses received, big praised people Sheng good Ting, Sheng sound transparent. The fact this is not strange, low frequency are not, treble will not clear any highlighting.

Next fall, we don't sell resistance change SATA settings 訊 source, download TV to promote 600 Ohms resistance 負 maneuverings all the way to 60k Ohms, see I'm what Frequency 響 Ying flowinfluence, die 擬 used the following results:


Rs=600 Ohms,Rl=600 (buttom), 6k (middle) stub 60k (top)

Three of Seattle's popular terms on online, following Qian blue encyclopedia is 負 download electronic impedance 600 Ohms, Akai Ito is 6k Ohms, and why at the top of the blue online 60k Ohms. To promote fully furnished apartments 負 download mode 擬 used to effect difficult to release higher electric resistance, 傳 to higher Voltage in the receiver, encountered problem is 負 download higher electric resistance, low frequency 響 Ying worse, -3dB little difference to those ten Hz, it's out of this world, leaving only high-frequency, voice more clear, mg ~~

Saw this a Huai message, difficult road there was no vibration 奮 the heart of any good? Yes, please see the below modes 擬, internal resistance to change into 50Ohms 訊 source, why 600, 6k 負 download electric resistance stub 60k Ohms:


Rs=50 Ohms,Rl=600 (buttom), 6k (middle) stub 60k (top)

Wow, Frequency 響 ying is a lot better then? Even 負 download TV resistance high to 60k Ohms, low frequency -3dB little still Tel Aviv holding in 20Hz following, this also solutions 釋 has because what so many people measured General antique change pressure device, characteristics are is good, really of Shang has TV road but not that so back thing, change pressure device of frequency rate 響 Ying with two end TV road of impedance value card card phase about, General people often is with 訊 Hao production health device received Shang oscilloscope measured volume, General 訊 Hao production health device of input out impedance are is 50 Ohms, frequency rate 響 Ying when so good.

Our maneuverings in the future under different 訊 source internal resistance, see 訊 sell resistance source Yes Frequency 響 ying of flowinfluence:


Rs=50、100、200、400、800,Rl=60k Ohms

Seattle 訊 source impedance to promote on the upper and lower separately is 50 Ohms, and 100 Ohms, and 200 Ohms, and 800 Ohms and 400 Ohms, 負 download top right bottom left of electric resistance high impedance 60k Ohms, to promote this Zhang Seattle we can clearly see the 訊 source internal resistance, the lower the better low-frequency 響 Ying will Club Med, instead entering into reverse. Falls under one point of view, if 訊 source internal resistance does not change, how should we pick choose anform? TV is the answer, please see the following model 擬:


Rs=600 Ohms,Rl=60k Ohms,primary and secondary inductance:500 mH,、1H、2H、4H、8H

Shang Seattle is in 訊 source inside resistance 600 Ohms and 負 download TV resistance 60k Ohms of worst terms pieces Xia, change more change pressure device TV sense volume of results fruit, song online by Xia and Shang points don't is 500 mH,, and 1H, and 2H, and 4H, and 8H five kind of TV sense volume, when sense volume to Prada 8H when, low frequency 響 Ying -3dB little also can Prada to 20Hz following.

The passage above die 擬, trust readers already match the Bible very well anform this how to pick select, WE REP series, comparison on 訊 applicable insert vacuum tube source of nutrited 111C and 119C, Star TV separately in early high Prada 40H walk beside 50H. Provides long pick choose anform a real secret, this one secret originally had only three person knows that one is me, one is the original anform design design and another one I can't say. This one secret is: bigger is better, and bigger and better. Anform this thing is this description veneered, stadium equivalent is the iron heart, that 銅 encyclopedia, 銅 online, the more coils and chokes the more even properties not removed when FA hardware Mai or MAI compared money.

Next open development problem in the future, please ju hand release statement.

Well, behind the third row of the fat little brother sends question: Please question wise 帥 Qi Zhan Zhang, if my Studer A725 really wanted to match anform what is to be done?
Well, since fat little brother you how old this fact, Zhan Zhang Ming Road will show you terms: you are a Pig head do you? A725 balance on you've had on anform! falls under the next release problem.

Geek goddess relieved Yang ju in the front hand (wow, really big boob ~~): Please question long if the CD is the variety of Revox B225 Sung pan Office law class is very low at the beginning, for example, the class matches any anform WE 120C?
Long answer: is indeed a goddess, problem problem problem with standards. B225 RCA on impedance model courses with A725, is 500 Ohms, if Yang was overpowered, but 堅 near, or long and very, can only lie in 偉. Not threes road in threes, on the B225-end of two electric resistance short circuit, let NE5532 hard up, low frequency 響 ying, 偉 side effects are rapid heartbeat, pale red flashes, NE5532 Stadium due to Mai show temperature rises may add Wind say certain.

Fat little brother sends question: Please question long whether all sing Pan using OP AMP on the CD are class methods can be used to reduce voltage output only?
Long answer: see you this guy still has little depth. Not wrong, like Philips CD880 on NE5532 United two 100 Ohms electric resistance, short circuits or electric resistance resistance changing little assistance, not over Zhan Zhang Qing not completely over, woman 殺, what side effects please take care of themselves.

Wei sheng

This article only technical parts explain the feasibility of matching antique anform, about flowinfluence on voice, just leave it to the Honourable players conditions conditions. Zhan Zhang Yan recently schizophrenia, I often see relief Yang, this drink feast and see next time.

2012/6/9 update
剛 teacher TV said United Luo Xu, Xu Ying Zhan Zhang he provided teacher've reply all kinds of historical years WE anform let stand long measured completely, long Club Med announced in another article measured general numerical data.