This article is WE REP series change pressure device and CD match change pressure device 雜 談of 續 set, in Shang article articles here, station long using PSPICE die 擬 WE 120C change pressure device received in CD sing Pan stub Qian class zoom device of between when into "sound quality improved device" of frequency rate 響 ying, promote die 擬 get of results theory is unless CD sing pan of input out impedance enough low (<50 Ohms), whether entering into 120C this some 繞 team sense volume not to 1H of change pressure device Club Med production health many low frequency failure reduce. Here in this article stand long fact international measured 寶 Mu Xuan Xu, the teacher offers WE anform total measured completely 120C, 120D, 94E, 94H, six 顆 94N stub 173E.


WE REP series outside anform views


Measured General of this six paragraph, outside views are stub Shang Seattle of 120C a model courses, Xia said Western Electric original facility rules grid book here standard shows of early class sense volume, stub station long right international with Agilent U1733C in 100Hz volume measured to of results fruit, has complexity 習 above of of Web friends, Ying this promote this table on can big approximately infer this change pressure device of low frequency 響 Ying.

Model Name Min. inductance from datasheet Measured inductance at 100Hz Impedance Pri:Sec
120C 550mH 610mH 900:900
120D 550mH 720mH 900:1350
94E 550mH 700mH 900:900
94H 160mH 770mH 600:600
94N 280mH 425mH 900:900
173E 1.1H 1.2H 600:600+600

Measured and have empathy for circuit connection as follows, CD Sung pan on impedance 600 Ohms modes 擬, Star 負 download is also 600 ohms. Zhan Zhang bian without electric resistance of 600 Ohms, using the CGW 590 Ohms on the right international. Six 顆 anform here is first class except for 173E is an integral 繞 integral, 173E 1:1+1 繞 law, measured completely when secondary class two integral 繞 integral Bing United 1590 Ohms electric resistance, and advises two team 繞 team contact, falls under is 1:2 used to say. Measured completely 儀 is Liberty Instruments Praxis.

Measured completely laws

Measured to try two of Seattle's popular terms online, yellow is amplitude 響 Ying (magnitude response), the green phase 響 Ying (phase response), when amplitude 響 Ying start damping time, certain Club Med with having phase maneuverings, yes low frequency phase maneuverings to the human ear is very sensitive, so the low frequency over much of phase shifting is not a good thing.

Low-frequency -3dB@78Hz, high frequency 響 Ying straight.




Low-frequency -3dB@53Hz, high frequency 響 Ying straight.



Low-frequency -3dB@78Hz, high frequency 響 Ying straight.



Low-frequency -3dB@44Hz, high frequency slightly 顯 damping 1dB@20kHz 響 Ying.


Low-frequency -3dB@128Hz, high frequency 響 Ying straight.



Low-frequency -3dB@41Hz, high frequency 響 Ying damping yan, since the beginning of the 10kHz open damping, -4dB@20kHz.



Next come Zhan Zhang on 訊 source impedance is reduced to 50 Ohms, REP120C measured to try, can promote Seattle seen under low-frequency 78Hz to 20Hz of the -3dB bit to promote the future, angle in high 傳 soucd card then read up on the exam.


120C, 訊 source inner resistance reduced 10 times to 50 Ohms

To promote fruit of measured result above, yes as first class 繞 amount of integral coils and chokes, fully furnished apartments anform not difficult to release low-frequency table 響 Ying now true card income impacts and coils and chokes, coils and chokes the more low frequency 響 ying, the better. This both 顆 anform said in the future, even low-frequency fully furnished apartments the best 173E 響 Ying table, still damping in 40Hz 3dB, this kind of damping of the human ear is very easy to Ting out, solutions on the road, in addition to improving 訊 source impedance don't can't he Act. The same time, if not 講 繞 law, coils and chokes more generally representative inter ply Capacitance the greater high frequency 響 Ying worse 173E damping, some who've Ting out separately, long ears are not too spiritual, not over 10KHz Ting a, maybe still can be accepted.

Don't know why some people just see the logo WE'll release bright eyes, mouth, rapid heartbeat, Face red flashes, whether appropriate or not appropriate, seems as long as the small airport airport inserting the components WE'll fly day on the diamond. I hope this article can provide enough NET you some useful Information not 誤 "deterioration of sound quality" when "sound quality to improve" without even knowing it.