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The Wireless World, May 25th, 1939

As the author has pointed out, more and more people believe that Sheng frequency anform walk beside Electric power or other fixed terms of anform design design is very different from the two happened. Their true share of the location of, and through the common point of know their location, help us progress about anform works.


Cannot online TV, why anform can be divided into two major uses: (a) power anform Electric power or airport stub (a b) audio frequency or airport Phone anform. These two types of design plan of anform gap becomes larger in the future, today they have different 專 擁 professional Term, and professional community is anform when these two kind of into an entirely different field.

This model courses Tri 軌 theory makes the novice cannot appropriate to promote: the difficult road, not a common set of anform any theory can wear two Guan? Why, in a kind of anform design design Voltage ratio is so important, and in others a kind of design of total impedance here than leave Hao must 慮 preferential topic exam? Why free download TV streaming audio frequency circuit can't mentioned here, and Star TV in early Electric power anform totally used to here? Low frequency 響 Ying what difficult to finish? To let Electric power anform any work at 25 Hz is not easy?

Electric power anform and Sonic frequency anform about relationship between, with Tokyo City West of Smith and Smith's future as an example. False design IRL in real life these two people, stub feelings two people the same, GN anthropology, Zoology or any biological Science without completely separately, only separately, but live in different places, different cultural flowinfluence Environment stub.

Ju, for example, Smith likes to drink a glass of aperitif before dinner, but I'm entering into Smith likes when Hao Yin bar before dinner with half a Pint of beer. Notes describing any text What is the difference between the two? Despite this, can still promote the spirit of Science Research half a Pint of beer stub aperitif here, find the same ingredients to promote and identify two similar places. This group pushed, Hao Yin both between drink stub, there is quite a degree of common ground finish.

Electric power anform walk beside the sound frequency is a model courses on anform the quality of East West, but because Ying's access to different, to promote a different perspective at the design plan comparison easier. Like half a Pint of beer above stub aperitif metaphor, we now look at this two kind of looks different in the future design of design methods have a common finish.

Electric force on ying, Ying Electric power supply stub bit TV 燈 is a constant Voltage source. This is not about ying of AC Electric power Voltage must be 穩; but must sell all of the homes on the TV table area type image: bearing the same one magical figures. This individual figures in British 230V, when we bought in the market electric Guo or 燈 bubble time, we must pick select applicable insert 230V products. Therefore, posted by bought TV time to know their own Electric power for Ying 額 Voltage values are very important. Take on the problem the problem is in the future, this thing works when image: how much money? Electric power for the Ying kilowatt-hour is the total charge unit. So every hour or daily charge is proportional to the number of stub Watts. Standard of TV shows are usually on the market so why is Voltage stub w number, for example, 230V 60 watts 燈 bubble, or 230V 3k Watts Oven. This model courses standard method for icelin use, proper mass.

All electronic devices consume 額 w number, entering into a certain Club Med for Ying finish to promote Electric power draw 額 TV stream, this individual electronic current-index/額 can promote Watt Voltage this individual formula calculated here. Precedent for 230V 60Watts 燈 bubble, current comsumption is 0.26 amps, it therefore indicated in specifications can also be standard because 230V 0.26 amps. This individual standard as shown in method and the Watts number indicated in the standard method, such as price. Falls under the individual perspective, this motionless 燈 foam electric resistance (resistance) or resistance (impedance), data values can be calculated Voltage/electric current, 885 ohms, in this case, therefore, we can also standard shows why this individual guy 230V-885 ohms 燈 bubble, 0.26, amps-885 Ohms or 60 watts-885Ohms 燈 燈 foam bubbles. Above any kind of standard method is complete, all the other physical quantities can be worked out to promote its information material here, table highly prevalent among home TV ridong as well as standard it shows power, Voltage, electric current stub electric resistance about relationship between.

table1Table a

Back to our anform said about heart problems, we design it was gave to a Mr Brown a motionless 110 V-60watts 燈 bubble, Mr Brown wants to put this motionless 燈 bubbles at home, his home TV for ying is 230V-50Hz. Any ordinary person can see why he needs is a real input 230V, on why the 110V 60 watts anform, cyclomatic number than this one anform because 230:110=2.09:1. If you are familiar with anform theory said, you can launch this one anform why can't download electronic flow of approximately 0.06 amp.


Seattle, fixed terms of electric power anform

Use "audio frequency" theoretical design of total Electric power anform

Design of Mr Brown is not the average person, but one sound frequency circuit of Prada, and he lives in the Bay this stub impedance starting 詞 integral world here. To promote in table 1, we can see a motionless 燈 bubble why 202 ohms impedance 燈 bubble (110V-60 watts) must be matched to the 885 Ohms to be 220V hours consumes 60 watts. Therefore, Mr Brown may be worth calculation of cyclomatic number than this one anform nutrited


Although push 導 over ride up a little 詭 the same, and not over used fruit is just as true of Mr Brown. This right not what 驚 mobs, Voltage and impedance than leave Hao originally is the same thing, this two kind of calculation only fruit at different angles to get the same result.

Calculate the number of anform than the back, Mr Brown took future maybe want to start thinking about Electric power Frequency. By in TV source is 50Hz, this real change pressure device of low frequency 響 Ying will must enough good, high frequency connected Yes not important, so he can let early class 繞 team of TV sense 盡 volume big, for example big in 負 download (885 ohms) of four times times, slightly total is can obtained early class TV sense approximately because 12H, this real number value with a real cannot download TV flow because 0.06 amp of 230V TV source change pressure device a model courses.

Our new friend Mr Brown 終 serves a great Kung Fu to get precise true answer. He needed this so any work for free? We used analysis of Voltage-Watts is not any easier? Answer is one the best Loudspeaker suriel 負 download values cannot be Voltage-Watts description lists in the future can correspond.

Ju, for example, a motionless 額 15 ohms speaker be used to Bo on music in General. At intervals of a location for some of the song with music we cool Userboxes/Time, during this period of time between here, and there was no sound frequency 訊 Hao 傳 into speakers online, or say flow over the anform 繞 group of electric flow into zero. Later play South China Vienna, large volume of extended product can Hao stub timpani why Horn brought online entering into stub comes a lot of Volt amperes. It is not difficult to see the sound frequency, Voltage, electric current stub power gone with time in the maneuverings. The only change (some kind of) is 額 of Loudspeaker impedance, this because 15 ohms.

The above analysis, for CMC and sing head, magnetic head, Mack, Connie Wind, vacuum tube panels 極 circuit and so on, we have to deny adoption impedance stub 棄 Volt Watt modified. So we'll say so and the vacuum tube is the best 負 download 6000 ohms, have time would maybe want to add maximum on power of five Watts of variety said, no power over this here's just veneered Xuan airport maximum on pure vegetable, 燈 bubble constant power consumption of standard is different than the up as shown in model courses.


Seattle-II vacuum tube audio frequency anform on circuit can be stub image comparison

Table 2 and table 1 are equivalent, not only over the views into the equivalent impedance or horn indicated in 負 download standard in the future, instead of the TV. Voltage of the first integral stub electronic flow numerical is said to consume 3 Watts when Voltage stub TV stream. Its room for each group separately indicated in standard 6,9,12 Watt power consumption when the worst-case.


Table II

General ju two real examples, Ying this can is now clearly this individual table to Prada's meaning. Design a Yes vacuum tube push-pull method, screen 極 screen 極 staff (anform) in 負 download why 10,000 ohms of impedance. If there is a motionless 穩 (AC) Voltage plus Zha class here I'm the tube, and Zambia and is appropriate when the entire volume on why 3 Watts of power, this model courses on this discourse 10,000 ohms in 負 download audio frequency Voltage Ying this because 173V above why 0.0173 flow begins to sound frequency electric current amp. This group pushed Zambia if the volume control increase on to 9 Watts, yes the index data Ying ying because 300 volts stub 0.030 amp. 6 Watts stub 12 Watts I'm Ying index data can promote table has been, why all 246 v 0.0244 amp stub 347 V,0.0346 amp. 較 low impedance values in the table is highly prevalent among Yes Ying to speaker specifications. Therefore a 15 ohms speakers to 6 watts of 驅 begins when Club Med 9.5V Voltage, absorbing 0.63 amps, and 2 Why 1.73 ohms speakers are entering into amps,3.46V.

繞 this will be a great circle discuss the theoretical Voltage, electronic flow stub after Watts, let us head back to see our most basic idea matches the Voltage set up. Design we want to match a motionless 7.5 ohm Loudspeaker to a need 負 download 3000 Ohm impedance of vacuum tubes. 3 watt Voltage of calculations I'm Ying to separately because the 4.7V stub 94.5V, therefore one early class 繞 team 94.5V stub class 繞 team 4.7V anform nutrited we want. This model courses number more than Club Med is {mathpublisher}94.5/7.5=20:1{/mathpublisher} (see Fig. 2). Design in a particular volume I'm Ying to 6 watts. Image: change the Voltage value into 6.7 stub 134V, same just the ratio 20:1. Readers can have empathy for the substitution of 9 or 12 Watts, these witnesses does not change the ratio.

Teaching book on anform numerical ratio calculation because {mathpublisher}sqrt{3000/7.5}=sqrt{400}=20{/mathpublisher}

Can't study is what kind of methods we have been using the same figures. However, it should be noted that if we are to use description lists the Voltage ratio calculation in the future, we must first produce table 2, this need to compound using Ohm's law, as well as some calculation, quite complex 雜. Impedance than Mr Brown to leave the square to avoid open this one compound 雜 續, just one step to obtain the answer.

A real good anform, can't matter is Electric power or audio frequency use, requires a high degree of ETA conversion efficiency, input power of the nearly complete first class 傳 di to the class. Falls under the words, all anform over is lifting Voltage or electric current – and keep multiplying two values, that is, power, tie up, hold constant. Star stub class of the early resistance using Ohm's law calculation (Voltage divided by electric current), entering into is the square root of the ratio of Voltage and impedance ratio is also the electronic flow of data. Voltage ETA conversion time, most likely to calculate numerical methods of direct calculation of the ratio of Voltage ratio. If electronic flow ETA conversion, entering into the number than is the electronic flow of data. In the calculation of the sound frequency anform time, due to Voltage stub TV streams are not constant, so numerical ratio calculation method when the impedance Hao thought than open the shortcut.

Results matter
Discuss of preceding theory is not totally equivalent voice frequency anform Electric power anform. Also not explain two ways of making stub difficult similarity. Electric power anform in fixed Frequency fixed stub to the magnetic flux density, which is a fixed Voltage. Design design a motionless 專 del Carmen anform of 10Hz or 20kHz is not difficult. Over not to let anform the same time, can be appropriate when under this two kind of Frequency can take a great deal of work. Magnetic flux density stub ferric 損 stub ferrous distortion closely related article. Audio frequency on anform must be full enough at any Frequency less than maximum magnetic flux density and magnetic flux density appropriate when any work. Why sound frequency Electric power anform can see special cases of anform, the class at the beginning of this time Voltage Frequency fixed stub work.