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LV distribution Tannoy, this can be considered a Fusion

Back home sure then wait to take after this I'm veneered Stadium features, I can't believe this I'm veneered Stadium although the MAI as not good enough, Thiel/Small participation index measured general numerical data but is very close, no matter is Qts, Fs or MMS all alkali error range 3% 圍 inside, really can choose a Plaza 謂 Nations, money has not bought it.

=praxis= Thiele/Small Parameters
Tannoy Gold 15 #1

Qts = 0.445 Total Q
Qes = 0.490 Electrical Q
Qms = 4.855 Mechanical Q
Fs = 37.067 Hertz, Free Air Resonance
Re = 5.686 Ohms, DC resistance
Ls = 1.231m H, series inductance
Lp = 1.649m H, lossy series inductance
Rp = 16.22 Ohms, loss across Lp
Dia = 310m meters, effective
(%shift) 38.0 %, resonance with mass
Vas = 159.2 litres, air volume equivalent
mms = 92.63 grams, effective mass
cms = 199.0u m/N, compliance
bl = 15.82 T*m, motor strength
n0 = 1.592 %, max efficiency
SplSens = 94.02 dBSPL max @1W absorbed
(Added mass) 150 grams


=praxis= Thiele/Small Parameters
Tannoy Gold 15 #2

Qts = 0.410 Total Q
Qes = 0.448 Electrical Q
Qms = 4.867 Mechanical Q
Fs = 38.874 Hertz, Free Air Resonance
Re = 5.778 Ohms, DC resistance
Ls = 1.201m H, series inductance
Lp = 1.701m H, lossy series inductance
Rp = 17.69 Ohms, loss across Lp
Dia = 310m meters, effective
(%shift) 37.5 %, resonance with mass
Vas = 141.0 litres, air volume equivalent
mms = 95.10 grams, effective mass
cms = 176.2u m/N, compliance
bl = 17.30 T*m, motor strength
n0 = 1.777 %, max efficiency
SplSens = 94.49 dBSPL max @1W absorbed
(Added mass) 150 grams